Founded by an Aussie beauty babe who had a vision to create fuss free, high quality eco-luxury skincare products that actually work! To break through the noise of this huge and often intimidating industry, Farryn Amber has made it her mission to always be honest, transparent and clean and give the people what they want, beautifully effective skincare!

What makes us different?

All products are designed, formulated and made by hand in the Farryn Amber studio (yes, that's how much we love you!) so that we can monitor each and every single bottle of glowy goodness that gets to you. We use nourishing plant based, vegan ingredients and only test on babes, never animals! To provide our customers with the best assurance we are approved as cruelty free under the Leaping Bunny programme, you can find more information about our certification here.

What's behind the curtain?

A very small team that loves, lives and breathes skincare! We want to reveal your best skin and help the planet while we're doing it. At Farryn Amber we always strive to operate in the most environmentally sustainable and socially responsible way we can. In doing so, when you purchase through our site your order will arrive in completely biodegradable packaging. You can compost the postal box, the beautiful peachy pink gummed paper tape, the corn starch filler (add water to these and watch them dissolve!) and tissue paper. 

Doing our bit (charity, sustainability, ethical buying)

We are committed to offer (always and forever!) vegan and cruelty free products and so for every Botanical Balm sold we are donating £1 to PETA UK in the fight to stop animal testing.

A few of our gorgeous golden potions are formulated with Organic Golden Jojoba Oil which our trusted supplier sources directly from a local project, dedicated to sustainability. They grow these gorgeous shrubs naturally to help conserve the natural habitants for local wildlife, these plants are pesticide free, grown using recycled water, renewable energy and they use the jojoba pulp (a bi-product of the process) as natural animal feed.

Our supplier also sources the juiciest Aloe Vera directly from an independent farmer in Spain. Buying directly means that the farmer gets a higher price for their product and significantly reduces the supply chain. Our partner supports a farming cooperative by providing all the aloe plants, and full support on how to plant, look after and harvest aloe. The farmers are paid a monthly salary rather than per delivery per product, helping them to maintain financial stability.