Together we can help to make the skincare industry a cleaner, more natural place.


"I'm Pauli and I live in a small town in Germany that is known for its wine. Three words that describe me the best: kind-hearted, funny, friendly and maybe a little bit clumsy!

I think skin care is very important because the skin is the outer protective covering of our body. That's why I love doing something good for my skin! With the products from Farryn Amber I have found my perfect care routine! I like my skincare how i like my friends... non toxicFind out more about Paulina


“Natural Skincare is important for me for three simple reasons: ingredients, positive environmental impact and sustainability. I got closer to this world because usually green products are produced with more mindfulness towards the impact that the production has on the environment and this is very important for me.

Farryn Amber has been a turning point in my 2020, starting from her story, going on with her goals and principles. The products are vegan and cruelty free, the packaging is 100% recyclable/reusable and, moreover the brand makes informed choices about the ingredients.” Find out more about Eleonora


"Growing up in rural of Sweden influenced my affection for the beauty in nature's details: the shades of leaves underneath a bright sun, the mix of grey and blue hues during a rainstorm. This really reformed my true love for natural skincare. After moving to London, I was consumed with pollution and breakouts.

My enthusiasm for Farryn Amber skincare stems from endless sourcing on how to effectively take care of my skin. A brand which embodies highly effective ingredients and restores complex relationships with your skin. Farryn Amber possesses the clean, sustainable and vegan skincare I vouch for.Find out more about Maryan


"With naturally spot prone and dull skin, finding products that would give me that glow without being irritable or leaving greasy traces was not an easy task. I had been interested in using more natural products but hadn’t come across any that focused on providing a glow or fit my aesthetic.

I then stumbled across Farryn Amber and instantly knew they were the brand for me. I felt inspired by the brand’s ethos and being a huge advocate of crystal healing, when I saw they incorporated crystals into their products, I was eager to get purchasing. The first product I tried was the Luminous Body Oil and after my first use, I was instantly hooked, not only on the oil itself but the brand also.Find out more about Amalie

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