Top 5 Winter Skin Loving Ingredients

During the cold winter months, facing brisk winds and central heating it can be difficult to keep moisture locked into your skin. Being a dry skin sufferer myself, I have tried and tested many different methods to keep my skin hydrated and glowing. See below a list of my favourite top 5 skin loving ingredients for winter.

Shea Butter
Provides relief to dry, flaky, itchy skin and helps to lock in moisture after using a serum or facial oil. You can find shea butter in our Botanical Balm.

Rosehip Oil
Packed with nourishing fatty acids and antioxidants that your skin needs, this wonder oil is easily absorbed by the skin and perfect for winter damage. You can find rosehip oil in our Sol Face Oil and Lunar Face Oil.

Coconut Oil
Replacing your daily moisturiser with a nourishing coconut oil is a great natural alternative to combat dry skin. As well as targeting inflammation, this light weight oil is perfect for deeply penetrating that dry skin barrier and offering a long lasting hydration. You can find coconut oil in our Luminous Body Oil, Sol Face Oil and Lunar Face Oil.

Hemp Seed Oil
Keep your skin nourished and healthy with this antioxidant skin booster. This non-pore-clogging hero is known to balance and regulate the skins' sebum level and can help reduce acne caused by an excess of oil build up on the skin. You can find hemp seed oil in our Botanical Balm, Sol Face Oil and Lunar Face Oil.

Mango Butter
This non-comedogenic ingredient works wonders with all skin types. Highly moisturising and great for sensitive skin types. You can find mango butter in our Botanical Balm.