The Safflower Spotlight

Safflower oil is naturally occurring linoleic fatty acid with amazing hydrating properties. The plant has a rich history and has been referenced in documents from ancient egypt and greece. Today it is an extremely popular ingredient in natural skincare products due to its high vitamin content and anti-ageing abilities.

One of the main things that makes safflower oil so incredible is its high levels of vitamin E which is a potent antioxidant. The reason antioxidants are so important is because they fight free radical damage which leads to premature ageing and can even cause disease and other severe consequences. But that’s not all Vitamin E can do, it also supports cell function and is a powerful anti inflammatory.

Safflower oil’s antiaging properties don’t stop there. It acts as a moisturizer because of the fatty acid’s ability to prevent moisture loss by creating a lipid barrier. Safflower oil is also a penetration enhancer making pores more receptive to other additives in your skincare products.

Here at Farryn Amber we use this beautiful oil in many of our products to enhance the benefits and offer that supreme hydration. Linoleic oils are great for oilier and more acne prone skin, while still offering the benefits of denser fatty acids. This is why we use it in both the Sol and Lunar Facial Oils, with the Sol Facial Oil designed for stressed, oilier skin and Lunar created for those with skin on the dryer or more mature side.

It’s also one of the main active ingredients in our Luminous Body Oil. With body oils it’s essential to use ingredients that absorb quickly to avoid sticky, greasy skin, but they also need to have that lasting hydrating effect. Along with all the other incredible benefits, safflower oil really is perfect for the job!

We love naturally effective solutions, and having safflower oil in our arsenal allows us to create organically powerful products with very real benefits. We hope you enjoy this amazing oil as much as we do!