Managing Stressed Skin

Stressed skin refers to skin that is easily aggravated, this can be anything from acne and breakouts to itchiness, redness and general irritation. With this skin type careful attention must be paid to what goes on it, it’s important to do your research and never overload the skin with too many new products at once.

There are many contributing factors to stressed skin, in this post we’ll be focusing on the benefits of an effective skincare routine. 

Looking for products containing linoleic oils may be the best first step, they are lighter, thinner and absorb much faster than their oleic counterparts. This allows you to experience the benefit of their moisturising properties without risking clogged pores and excess oil sitting on the skin.

Another great way to manage reactive skin is to look for ingredients that help to deescalate the situation. Calamine is a beautiful ingredient that has been used for centuries to calm itchiness and irritation. Green tea’s antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties make it an excellent acne fighting tool when applied topically.

You can also focus on ingredients that promote healing, this is especially important when addressing concerns that break the surface of the skin. Swift healing ensures the irritation doesn't leave lasting damage. Look out for vitamin rich ingredients like jojoba oil, calendula and prickly pear which will give the skin all the goodness it needs.

It can be tempting to look to the dark side for solutions, but oftentimes harsh chemicals can cause further aggravation. This doesn't mean that if it’s not natural it’s not good, it just means it’s important to research exactly what goes into a product, and to look into any ingredients you feel may be causing a flare up.

How can Farryn Amber help? We’ve recently launched skincare bundles aimed at providing natural solutions to common concerns. The stressed skin bundle contains three products geared towards soothing and nourishing reactive skin. Our local superhero, the Superfruit Face Milk contains calming calamine in a linoleic base and is packed full of healing vitamins. The Sol Facial Oil is an amazing product to hydrate the skin without clogging pores. And lastly, our Mint Facial Mask is a clay based mask enriched with green tea, wild kelp and peppermint to reduce inflammation and leave the skin hydrated.