Make way for oil cleansing

If you’re not familiar with the concept of oil cleansing it can feel a little counter-intuitive, but once you get your head around it the science actually makes a lot of sense. Oils bind to oils and then they’re rinsed away with your second cleanse.

Oil cleansing can be an amazing way to clear your skin because they don’t strip away all the good stuff. Experts suggest the skin may be over compensating and producing extra oils every time you wash away the skin's natural lipid barrier. Classic oil free cleansers strip the skin leaving it dry, damaged and ready to over-react. 

Most of what you need to be removing is oil based, SPF, makeup and excess sebum will all be easily dissolved by Halo’s oily goodness. The two base oils, rosehip and grapeseed are lightweight and non-comedogenic making them perfect for the job. 

What our founder, Farryn Amber has this to say about oil cleansing with Halo - “Give it a go! But seriously, aside from being totally bias towards our gorgeously great products I do love a deep double cleanse! I like to get rid of that really pesky day-time-dirt with the Brightening Cleanser (which also removes my minimal daily make-up, bonus!) and round off with a second cleanse using Halo and a cleansing cloth. GLOW UP!” 

Replacing a typically destructive process with one which hydrates and soothes can be an amazing step towards clearer skin. It may seem a little far out, but we promise it’ll be worth it! 

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