Layer Up!

With the change of season will come a change in your skin’s needs, adapting to external factors will help you to offer your skin the best suited care all year round. Cooler temperatures often mean dryer skin while the warmer months will often bring an oilier complexion.

As the temperature drops so does the humidity, less vapour in the air means less water your skin is able to retain. Moisture management is essential in these climates, for this we can focus on two things preventing moisture loss, and adding/ replacing lost moisture. Richer products such as our Lunar Facial Oil and Botanical Balm are great for these times of year. Look out for vitamin A and E, which are an amazing way to replenish lost moisture while strengthening barrier function to prevent further loss. Layering your oils and moisturisers/balms will also give you more opportunity to reap the benefits.

Topical treatments such as masks can give our skin that much needed vitamin boost, our Rose Facial Mask is ideal for cooler months because of the hydrating properties of rose petals. We love adding a few drops of our Halo Facial Oil for extra nourishment.

On the flip side, as things heat up there’s often more humidity leading to an increase in natural sebum production as well as more available atmospheric moisture. Facial oils containing linoleic acids will absorb quickly and help to balance sebum secretion by hydrating and nourishing skin without clogging pores. Both our Sol Facial Oil and Superfruit Face Milk are perfect in this application as they offer lightweight non-comedogenic hydration.

Warmer temperatures also mean that bacteria can thrive. Cleansing properly will ensure a clean base to start your routine, going as far as a second cleanse will mean your face is truly free of anything icky! We also look to antibacterial ingredients such as green tea found in our Mint Facial Mask.

Warmer weather doesn't always mean more humidity, depending on your region you may struggle with moisture loss as well as excess sebum production. Looking to lightweight vitamin rich products will help you get the best results ensuring your skin is well nourished but still able to breathe. Halo and Superfruit Facemilk are great nutrient boosters to add to your routine.

Learning to layer your skin care will help you to manage the seasonal changes with ease. Staying attentive to the subtle signs your skin shows and being ready to adapt quickly will ensure your skin is always as healthy as can be!

Farryns' favourite winter layers

"My skin can get quite dry during the winter changes, so I like to mask every Sunday with our Rose Face Mask to deep cleanse and add nutrients to my depleted skin. For my everyday winter routine I cleanse with Brightening Cleanser then apply 4 drops of Lunar Face Oil to a tiny pea size amount of Botanical Balm. Massaging this combination into my skin after cleansing really leaves my skin feeling hydrated and nourished. Keeping this routine up everyday keeps my skin from flaking and drying out.

I created the Hydrating Heroes bundle for these specific seasonal dry skin changes, if you suffer from similar concerns then this bundle is just for you. Plus you'll save £11 and get a free organic cotton bag, what's not to love?"

Here is a quick 5-min routine when your short on time but need a hydration boost!