Navigating Sensitive Skin

Skin sensitivity can range from a pesky inconvenience to a debilitating issue. With an uncountable number of products on the market it can be challenging to find a skincare routine that leaves your skin healthy and calm.

Avoiding triggers is key with managing sensitive skin, chemicals, dyes and harsh additives can all be the source of irritation. In the world of natural skincare a few main irritators are essential oil, mineral oil, alcohols and fragrance. Thankfully many products are developed with skin sensitivity in mind, thus avoiding obvious irritators.

Having well moisturised skin can be a great way to soothe sensitive skin, when the skin is very dry it often doesn't properly protect the nerve endings making it even more uncomfortable. Adding a nice layer of fatty acids, often found in facial oils and moisturisers can work wonders.

We have something very exciting on the way and we are super excited to share her with you today! Her name is Halo, she is a powerhouse multi-tasking oil formulated especially for sensitive skin. We have excluded all of the triggers previously mentioned, and added an abundance of beautiful ingredients to soothe and nourish. Some of the hero ingredients include marigold flowers which are known to hydrate and calm irritated skin, pomegranate, which is also known to soothe and moisturise as well as protect against free radical damage and rosehip extract which contains beautiful fatty acids and a plethora of vitamins and nutrients.

Halo will be exclusively available to purchase on Sunday 25/10 for those who have subscribed for VIP access, you can still sign up here. Plus there's an extra perk for signing up!

Sensitive skin can be a very manageable concern, and we wish you the best as you navigate your way to calm and balanced skin. Don’t forget to be patient with yourself and your body as everything falls into place. 

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