Farryn Amber x Moss Stitch

We wanted to create something different, something unique to the hand-craft world that was timeless, stylish and designed to have an appeal for everyone.


Gill Usher (@mossstitch) and I first met at a market in 2017 and I fell in love with her products! We decided then and there that we needed to team up and collaborate together. After some time (going back to my roots and travelling Australia) thinking about how we could approach the design and coming up with a concept that everyone (well we hope most people) would love!


The idea was simple, to create a scented candle in a unique and stylish stoneware ceramic vessel, that hangs anywhere with a stylish and rustic chain hanger. By anywhere, we really mean, anywehere! You can hang it from a tree (keeping well out of the way of anything can could catch fire of course!), from a door, even from a screw/nail on the wall. 


The second part of our concept was that we wanted the stoneware to be re-used once the candle is finished! So once you’ve used up all that glorious fragrance all you need to do is pull the wick out and unplug the base and you’ve got yourself a planter! Perfect for a succulent actually!


These are unique and hand-made so each single one will be a different colour, shape, texture. What will be will be and that’s what we love about them!

If you’d like to pre-order then drop us an email hello@farrynamber.com