Benefits of Rose Quartz in your Skin Care Routine

The beautiful and gentle rose quartz, with its soft, pink essence is a crystal of unconditional love and healing. Working directly with the heart chakra, the electromagnetic field of rose quartz dissolves emotional wounds and fears, and reminds the heart of its own innate love. The divine feminine energy carried by a rose quartz crystal allows one to truly give and receive love from others. Apart from harnessing the power of an abundant heart, there is a necessary place for rose quartz in your skincare routine and here’s why.

Elevate inner and outer beauty
All crystals carry unique powers that help energise, restore and balance the body and mind. Rose quartz, also known as the love stone, specifically promotes self-love, warmth and aims to ward off negative emotions as well as ease tension in the mind. In the long-term, negative emotions and fearful thought patterns lead to premature ageing and can be damaging to the skin. As said by Roald Dahl: “If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely.” This is where rose quartz comes in, to remind us of compassion and release negative thoughts from within.

Riving your skin with rose quartz
Rose quartz beauty rituals are nothing new. It has been reported that rose quartz facial masks were found in the tombs of ancient Egypt, even Goddess Cleopatra bathed in giant pieces of rose quartz to absorb its anti-ageing and healing powers. When it comes to skincare, rose quartz is used to stimulate blood circulation which brings oxygen to the skin and relieves the skin of impurities and toxins. Rose quartz can also be used to bring back our youthful glow by releasing tension in the muscles of the face.

Top 5 benefits of rose quartz in skincare:
- Softening and smoothing skin
- Helping reduce wrinkles
- Evening out skin tone
- Giving the skin a natural glow
- Relieving tension in the face

Farryn Amber’s rose quartz products
After hearing about the wonderful inner and outer healing properties of rose quartz, we couldn’t resist adding this transformative ingredient into our products.

Superfruit Face Milk
made from grapefruit extract, calamine, rose quartz crystals (and other ingredients) used to soothe stressed skin, reduce redness and breakouts, as well as brighten tired skin.

Luminous Body Oil made from coconut oil, wild mallow flowers, safflower oil, rose quartz crystals (and other ingredients) used to nourish and hydrate your skin, leaving it with a gorgeous floral aroma and radiant glow.