5 Tips To Control Dry Skin

For those of you living on the UK side of the world, winter is coming! We can't stop it, it's just seasonal change but we can stop what our skin does when the brisk cold does fall upon us. So if you suffer from sore, flaky skin then we have 5 top tips to help you combat dryness and help that skin sparkle!

Make Cleansing A Daily Ritual
This should be something that you never forget! Cleansing your face will help eliminate all that pollution, dirt and grime that attaches to your face during the day. Our Rose Clay Mask works great as a little clay cleanser, all you need to do is create a thin paste and cleanse as normal, then rinse off before the clay completely dries. The activated charcoal and bentonite clay helps to draw out impurities and remove dead skin cells but doesn't dry the skin out, while the wild kelp and rose petals help to rehydrate the skin. 

Never Use Tap Water
This is actually something that most people find quite difficult, although tap water is so harsh that it can seriously dry out your skin! When mixing a clay mask or misting your face before applying a face oil we would always recommend using either an organic face mist or filtered tap water, this ensures that your skin will not dry out. 

Always Use That Facial Oil
Once you've washed, cleansed and spritzed you can then apply your facial oil. This is our favourite step as your left feeling so refreshed and hydrated. Our Lunar Face Oil is specifically designed for dry/irritated skin or skin simply in need of balancing hydration. Apply 4-6 drops of this oil to your fingertips and warm up in your hands, apply to your face and give yourself a little face massage to work those gorgeous oils in!

Consistency Is Key
If you are only applying that facial oil once or twice per week, the results will not be as great as someone who is applying everyday. Sticking to your routine and making sure your using consistent products that work for you! 

Hydrate And Be Healthy
Our skin is our largest organ in the body and we need to love and cherish it from the inside - out. Following our top tips and keeping yourself hydrated and eating healthy will have major results on your skin, why don't you try it and find out?